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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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thank you for joining us this thursday morning. >> good morning. let's check weather and traffic . you saw raindrops? >> no. i did not see any. >> i did. i came in and told everybody i saw some raindrops. >> it is getting pretty sad when we get excited about raindrops. but there were some. there might be more today. mainly -- maybe we will get some good old rain. we have had a little bit to the north. our system is moving in and the heaviest will be east and south of us. there is a band rotating up around the monterey peninsula that might hit the santa clara mountains. it looks like a little bit of rain wants to hang out around cloverdale. there are little isolated cells with some sprinkles or light showers back into marin county.
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it looks like that is the. san jose did have some rain overnight. it looks like it has kind of fizzled out. there might be a few more sprinkles or light showers. the heaviest was in the valley. from the san joaquin southern sacramento valley to monterey is the best opportunity. 70s for some with a lot of tropical cloud cover coming up from the south southeast. you can see the heaviest energy -- mostly cloudy and warm with some scattered showers a possible some -- thundershowers. there is fog on the coast and we are getting a little hint of a sea breeze. >> our things in traffic? >> it is crowded out there. we have not had a lot of major accidents. a couple of glitches on the morning mute let's take a look at what we have now. let's start off in the east bay. that is usually where all of this will tap is. this morning on 580 we have a lot of so traffic on the altamont pass. northbound road near camino
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diablo there is also a crash on northbound basco road. there is also a crash on westbound 580 near 680 the dublin interchange. as you move further there was an accident southbound 880 on the right hand shoulder but traffic is slow throughout the entire section of 238 northbound and slow from marina boulevard heading south. some live pictures, i want to show you the traffic at the toll plaza that is backed up for about a 20 minute delay. also another live picture, traffic is going to be okay in san francisco once you get there. let's go back to the desk. we begin with a developing story, we will follow this all morning, a sinkhole in union city. janine is there for the street will be closed for hours . is it still growing? >> reporter: no. they believe they have it stabilized. that is good news but the
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westbound lanes of alvarado boulevard will remain closed between freddie street and fair oaks. take a look at this sinkhole, you can see it is just completely crushed in there with a lot of heavy asphalt. a lot more repairs are going to be done. they are bringing in an escalator -- an excavator to make those repairs. last night the sinkhole put pressure on the water lines below and caused a leak so the sinkhole started filling with water which cause more erosion. possibly 12 feet. it is now dry but the road started buckling yesterday at around noon but it caved in and the whole kept growing. no one has been hurt and no cars have been damaged. >> normally what happens with sinkholes is you have some sort of the fluid, water, sewer, something that erodes the soil and all of a sudden you will
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have the soil leave that space void and then it collapses. we are still trying to figure out what exactly happened. we do know we didn't have water when it collapsed, it wasn't a water main break at the time. >> reporter: about 10 homes have low or no water pressure this morning because crews are making repairs to the whole. the sanitation district also headlines here but it is unknown if the collapse was due to the sanitation lines or the water district lines. they won't know until more digging is done. there is a fire station in front of the sinkhole and right now trucks can still get out. alameda -- alvarado middle school, excuse me, will be affected parents will need to drop off their kids at alternate locations. there could be a lot of bottle making here in this area which is alvarado boulevard near new haven. school officials have said parents should come early because there is going to be a lot of traffic here and a lot of detour signs.
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>> that is going to be crowded. a lot of. probably don't want to just drop their kids off so they might be looking for parking. >> reporter: yes. i'm sure they will be worried about safety. >> thank you. one person suffered massive injuries when a prius was caught between a big rig and a toyota highlander last night in walnut creek. crash happened just before 10 pm on interstate 680 and highway 24 connector ramp the chp says the big rig had to slow down because of traffic investigators believe the highlander slammed into the prius and assented into the back of the big rig. two people in the prius were taken to john muir hospital. one of them in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. the suv driver suffered minor injuries. the road was closed for more than two hours overnight. lamar odom, the former nba star is still in a coma at a las vegas hospital.
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since he was found unresponsive at a nevada brothel members of the kardashian family, including his estranged wife, chloe kardashian, has been at his bedside. bruce jenner on social media ask the public to pray for lamarr with #our fighter. reverend. jesse jackson was also at the hospital yesterday saying odom is on life support. >> that was just one of the 911 calls made from a a nevada brother -- brothel where odom was found unresponsive. the caller would not to told the emergency dispatcher that odom had used cocaine and an herbal sexual enhancement medication. his former teammate says he is praying odom will pull through.
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>> lamarr has been through a lot of pain in his life, more so than anyone else i have come across in my time here and addiction can be a scary thing. >> investigators say they obtained a search warrant to test odom his blood for drugs. the officers are waiting for those toxicology results to come back. more trouble for san francisco's raymond schrempp boy tell. murder charges could be added to his racketeering case as soon as today. the charges stem from allegations that shall arranged the killings of two gang members. he is one of more than two dozen people indicted in a corruption case that also included former state senator. leland he. his trial was supposed to begin early next month but now that will probably change. once the murder charges are filed the justice department will automatically consider whether to sink -- seek the
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death penalty. santa clara county is assembling a blue ribbon committee to examine how to improve county jails. the gel system came under heavy scrutiny after three correctional deputies were charged with killing an inmate at the main jail in san jose earlier this year. applications for the committee are due tomorrow. the panel is expected to include people from the community, active or retired judges, mental health experts and former inmates. new this morning, sources at the white house are saying president. obama will announce today the united states will keep 5500 troops in afghanistan after he leaves office in january 2017. that would be a policy reversal . the president had planned to leave no more than 1000 troops in afghanistan mainly for protecting the embassy by the end of his presidency. he decided to increase the number of troops at the recommendation of his national security team. air travel should be back to normal this morning after a
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computer glitch caused delays and long lines at airports across the country. the homeland security department says the problem was with a system that screens international travelers against a terror watchlist. the system went down for about an hour and a half, forcing customer -- customs agents to process everything manually. as far as we know there were no big delays in the bay area airports but the issue led to massive lines in other places including los angeles and boston. >> there were people up there cursing, it was crazy. people in wheelchairs that were like crying, waiting there for hours. >> customs says there was no threat to security and no indication that the glitch was malicious in nature. this was the second time in less than a week that tech problems caused restorations for air travelers. on sunday the southwest computer check-in system went down leading to hundreds of flight delays. tomorrow night the very last us airways flight will fly
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from san francisco to philadelphia. as of saturday us airways will be completely absorbed by american airlines. two years after the merger was struck. the merger makes american airlines the worlds biggest airline. the world is company -- the company is planning a ceremonial event before that flight takes off tomorrow. the end of us airways means that as of midnight tomorrow all of us airways former flights will be coded as american airlines flights and the us airways website will shut down. american says it will take some time to repaint all of the us airways planes. we are learning new information about the three teenagers who were killed in a suspected street racing crash. >> i lost one of my closest friends. >> coming up, the reason one of the victims wasn't even supposed to be in that car.
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would you spend a night in an underground cemetery? a really creepy contest from air b&b and something that has never been done before. we are looking at the east bay commute and 680 is going to be a little bit slow as you head down south in some areas but right here admission it doesn't look bad heading to the valley. a lot of cloud cover over us and for most it is sprinkles or very light rain. i have it on a -- on authority it is pouring hot -- pouring at the cloverdale. we will take a look at it.
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welcome back. drop, cover, hold on. that is going to be happening all of the california slated this morning. millions of people will take part in a special earthquake drill called the great california shakeout. alex is running his life from downtown oakland. are you ready to tell us more about what it takes to be prepared?>> reporter: i think i'm ready. we're going to find out how ready i am. that is the point of the great california shakeout happening at 10:15 all across the state this point. we are inside what is called the big shaker. this is ready america's earthquake -- >> i am having a little technical problem with his microphone. we will get back to that story about preparing for the great shakeout. we will be right back
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with that. air b&b is giving people the chance to spend halloween night with the bones of about 6 million people. the san francisco-based home rental website is holding an essay contest and the winner and guess we'll get to sleep in the paris catacombs. is the largest cemetery in the world, five stories underground, bones were transfer there for the end of the 18th century when graveyards in pairs were shut down because of the risk to public health. a be -- air b&b put a real bed in the underground tunnel. the winner will also get dinner, breakfast and a private concert. i am not sleeping down in their . >> i will pass. >> would you do that? >> i would but i am being distracted by something. it is an earthquake. it is a small earthquake in samara -- in san ramon.
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>> again? >> yes. i was alerted by twitter and all of a sudden i turned around and people are buzzing around and there is some really going on to some yelling going on back there. our editor says it was based in san ramon and some of the twitter claims are being tweeted out. >> i was looking at the usgs website yesterday after all of that and it did say sometimes you can have swarms of earth quakes that last for weeks. >> i want to think the first person who alerted us on twitter. let's go to traffic and we will find out more about that earthquake in a moment. people are talking about it here. watch our twitter site. this is a look at the commute on 880 into 38. i want to push in here because things have been improving.
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there was a crash southbound but that is gone. traffic has been better now that they removed this. things are improving their. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. i can see the traffic at the toll plaza is going to be busy as you drive up to the toll plaza, about a 15 to 20 minute delay. if you're driving from the quirkiness bridge to the macarthur maze there has been a 25 minute delay between those weights and traffic will be busy. i also want to mention that if you are looking at some of the east bay commutes, highway 4 is pretty slow. there is also an accident on basco road near camino diablo. let's go to see. thank you for the information to andrea up and cloverdale. she said she woke up and it is pouring. it looks like you are almost done but most locations have
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said sprinkles or it could be the neighbors sprinkler -- we have had a few sprinkles but cloverdale looks like some measurable amounts. kind of hit and miss with a few light speckled here around in santa rosa back into marin county and for sure down towards santa clara valley and some reports around monterey and san jose, looks like you are about to. have your cells are down to the south. hollister had a pretty good thunderstorm. also out in the sacramento valley you can see some of the lightning strikes associated with that. it will try to work its way north. i would think the east bay at south bay, santa cruz mountains have had a couple of reports as well. gilroy is in the mix as well. morgan hill back over to monterey is the best opportunity to further south, lows in the upper 70s. there exactly some lower clouds underneath. somebody asked me how can you have west southwest breeze and clouds coming in?
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that is at the service. the westerly breezes at the surface. these clouds are coming up about 15 or 20,000 feet from the south southeast. the cloud cover associated with those this low has been on the west coast for over two weeks. it has aarti visited southern california and is now heading back in. don't see that very often. it is getting kicked along by a system coming in. that will be the leading edge of our cooler pattern by the weekend. mostly cloudy with warm showers. fog along the coast and upper 80s to near 90s for some but temperatures are beginning to come down a little bit. 60s and 70s and 80s, the low will move out of the fog will move in its over the cooler temperatures as we go into the weekend. we were talking about that earthquake in san ramon and now let's find out more about preparing for it. >> we do have more information. we know it was a three point to centered near san ramon.
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we have been reporting small quakes in the area. that comes as the state is preparing for the big one. the great shakeout. we will go back to alex who is inside is some later.>> reporter: -- a simulator. -- >> reporter: this is made by ready america and they have it here on the plus this morning in downtown oakland. it is going to be here for the great california shakeout. that is happening at 10:15 this morning, a large-scale earthquake drill. we are inside the simulator with gina who is the emergency for nader with the oakland fire department. we are here to understand how you need to respond when a large earthquake hits. we don't know when this will start shaking. >> stop, cover and hold on. hold on!
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>> that was pretty good. >> stop, cover and hold on. what was the magnitude on that? >> that was a six. >> how does it feel? >> reporter: [ laugh ] my heart is going a little bit. we didn't know when it was going to hit. they were going to surprise us because we don't know when these earthquakes are going to hit. >> drop, cover and hold on. the idea is you want to get to the ground before the shaking puts you on the ground to help prevent injury. and that you want to cover the back of your head >> reporter: also, you want to be prepared. >> you want to be prepared. you want to have a plan in place. build a kit with all of your
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emergency supplies and be informed. the best way to do that is to take training. we have our communities of oakland respond to emergencies free preparedness program and you can check that out at program and you can check that we have a full schedule with trainings throughout the year and it is really important. it may happen at any time. >> by the way, if you would like to experience what we just experienced the simulator is here in downtown oakland from a 9:00 this morning throughout the day. >> today we are doing the shakeout celebrate -- to celebrate the eighth inclusive preparedness fair today. we will have emergency vehicles and displays in the big shaker and we have the california earthquake authority and several other exhibitors here so you can come out and get emergency preparedness information. we will have a speaking program with our mayor, the oakland debbie fire chief, our fema
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regional director as well so we have a lot of great information. >> again, 10:15 is windy large- scale earthquake drill will take place. more than 10 million californians will take place -- take part later today. experiencing shaking makes you realize you want to be prepared in knowing your head what to do when that kind of shaking gets started. >> alex, before you go, asker, i was always told and i don't during the loma earthquake i know people who stood in doorways and were protected. my kids seem to be told not to stand in a doorway. what is the current recommendation? >> reporter: the doorway question. this comes up. we all seem to learn when we were kids to stand in the middle of a doorway and that was safest place to be. >> come to find out, you can get injured from a doorway and
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especially if you are in a public location. people that have not practiced what to do kpnx or you can ashley get hurt by being in a doorway. we do not recommend that. you want to drop, cover and hold on the best to can. >> reporter: thank you. the great shakeout at 10:15 this morning is happening all across california. a very important event. >> thank you. some new controversy surrounding san francisco sheriff, the test that he failed but the reason his lawyer says he doesn't necessarily need to retake it.
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welcome back. there is a new controversy surrounding the san francisco sheriff. we learned the back on september 18 he failed his firearms requirements at the shooting range. according to department regulations anyone who feels the test has up to 21 calendar today's of the original failure date to take the test again. he did not do that and some deputies say that is disappointing. >> we are all required to go to the range. we are all required to keep up what we call perishable skills because our job, first and foremost, is public safety. >> the chief legal counsel issued a statement say, quote,
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the sheriff is not required to carry a firearm by state law. if he does carry a department firearm only that does he fall within the requirement for department qualifications. here is something new on hudson vets restaurant in san francisco. the restaurant avoided being evicted because they filed for bankruptcy. send beds filed for bankruptcy yesterday in federal court, freezing the eviction process. the port of san francisco owns the land the restaurant sits on. they plan to tear down the restaurant and replace it with a larger very terminal and a public park. the owner of the restaurant says this project has been delayed and that the restaurant should be able to stay open until the construction begins. the owners of the restaurant say the bankruptcy filing is only a temporary fix to keep their doors open. apple will have to pay up. the very large sum the company could oh after a jury found apple use technology owned by someone else in its new phones.
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just hours from now the lieutenant governor is expected to announce some proposals to gun control laws here in california. what some of those changes are, coming up.
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welcome back. look at this map, you may have felt that this morning. we had another small earthquake , a magnitude hit the san ramon area about 6:10. you are looking at a map, this is the usgs map, the did you feel it map in the areas that are colored. those are the areas where people felt the quake this morning. this is the latest in a number of quakes in that area. until this one the biggest had been a three-point zero recs so far no damage has been reported but you can see that map right there. those blue colored areas are where people felt it this morning >> thank you for joining us.
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>> good morning. we are also talking about your weather this morning. steve is ready for you. >> a lot of cloud cover. there has been some rain out there. there is more to the south but a couple of drops after a long stretch, even drops are worth mentioning. we have had a few. some areas toward monterey have had pretty good rain but it is very scattered and it is muggy out there. the humidity is high. fog on the coast and mid-level clouds coming up from the coast. i want to focus on cloverdale. there are reports that it was coming down pretty good there. it looks like there is some between hills park and windsor. very scattered with some of that wrapping back in from the east bay. a few sprinkles in a rain county.
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it could be a lot is a little bit in the hills. the better band is down toward hollister heading towards gilroy back over to monterey and there is the best forecast for the valley more so her than us. we have had some lightning strikes in 60s and 70s with a very mild hermas. the humidity is very high. mostly cloudy and warm. some fog on the coast in a little bit of a sea breeze. did you feel that quake? >> i did not. we are not really that close to san ramon. a lot of people on twitter message to me and they felt it. i appreciate people who are taking the time to let us know when something like that happens. i don't want a big one. i am a little scared about those. let's take a look at interstate 8080 north and southbound. the traffic is going to be okay if you are driving through.
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look at 80 westbound, it is going to be slow and should come down through the area all the way to the macarthur maze. if you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see some so traffic. it is backed up for about a 30 minute delay with no major problems. i want to show you highway 4 that will be slow from antioch to bay point. also vasco road near camino diablo is a big mess. they had a big accident there so if you take this freeway or this road please give yourself extra time this morning as you head down the 580. we have had a terrible commute on vasco. let's go back to the desk.>> there is a big sinkhole in union city. repair crews are busy to help dig up a road damaged i that sinkhole. this one is about the size of a small swimming pool. janine is there in union city.
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are the making any progress? >> reporter: -- are they making any progress? >> reporter: they are still waiting for an at -- an excavator to get here to the scene. it is here on alvarado boulevard and new haven. they have brought in a lot of heavy equipment and there is no more water inside the hole. it was wet last night which caused more erosion. we are being told the whole grew deeper than yesterday. it could be as deep as 10 to 12 feet. crews worked overnight to text -- to fix the whole that developed yesterday around noon. this started out dry but at 7 o'clock last night the weight of the road started putting more pressure on the water lines and that is what caused a leak. this morning the whole is roughly 40 x 20' wide. an excavator is going to be brought in to dig out the asphalt and make repairs. >> we have excavating and we
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will assess the pipes and repair the pipes and then after that we will flush the pipes and be back in service and then back oh the trench. >> reporter: there is a sewer line here but the sanitation district does not believe the line the collapse. at this point because of this sinkhole is unknown. the fire station and middle school are in front of the sinkhole. fire trucks are still able to gill -- to go in and out but parents will have to shift where the pickup and drop off the children at school because the westbound lanes have brought a remain closed, freddie stearate -- pretty street to fair oaks. repairs are estimated to take all day. two of the three directors accused of killing a hiker in marin and a backpacker in san francisco still need lawyers.
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morrison lampley, sean angle and lila allgood rain court for the first time yesterday. they have their hands shackled to their waist and their heads were shaved. they were supposed to be arraigned but that was delayed because at this point only lampley has a public defender. >> we do ask everyone to remember that media coverage is not evidence and all three defendants are still entitled to the presumption of innocence. >> court documents allege that lampley fired the gun they killed audrey carry in golden gate park and steve carter on a hiking trail near fairfax. the suspect are due to go back to court on october 26. california voters may decide on strict new gun-control measures next year. brian is in san francisco this morning where lieutenant-governor plans to roll out a new measure this
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morning. >> reporter: the lieutenant- governor is expected to make an announcement just after 10 o'clock this morning here in san francisco. if these proposals become reality california would become the first state in the nation to require background checks at the point-of-sale for ammunition these provisions -- there is initiatives containing several provisions from the lieutenant- governor. according to the ap it would require cold owners with magazine rounds of 11 or more to either sell them to licensed dealers, take them out of state or turn them over to law enforcement to have been destroyed. right now california law prohibits the sale and manufacture of magazines containing 10 rounds or more. dealers would have to run background checks for buyers wanting to buy ammunition. stores would also be required to report to police it ammunition is lost or stolen under this proposal california would 2011 other states in requiring any lost or stolen guns to be reported to law enforcement. the state court system would have to come up with a process to relinquish weapons from felons and the
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state department justice would also have to report to the federal background check list if somebody is added to the database who is not allowed to purchase a gun. these proposals, on the week of a shooting as well as the most notable shooting here in san francisco. back to. -- back to you. we are also learning the names of three teenagers who were killed during what police described as a street race in san jose. the corner identified the victim as 18-year-old oscar adela, 15-year-old jay leno so rough feel in 15-year-old anthony ramos. friends are leaving candles at the spot on santa clara st. where the stolen honda crashed into a light pole and a tree on tuesday night. ramos said his son was in juvenile detention and had been caught in stolen cars before. >> he didn't learn his lesson
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to stay away from this. >> a friend of the female victim says she was going to take the bus home but instead decided to hitch a ride with friends in that car. a fourth victim, a 15-year-old, is still in critical condition. it is unclear at this time if alcohol played a role in the accident but san jose police are still looking for the acura that was about. apple may have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to the university of wisconsin after they lost a patent lawsuit. earlier this week a federal jury in madison wisconsin found that apple used technology owned by the university in the ship -- in the chips for some of the latest iphones and ipads. university says it offer to let apple use the patent if they paid a fee but says apple never responded. tomorrow the jury will hear closing arguments to determine how much money apple has to pay. it could be more than $800
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million. a recent gun scare at a san francisco city state college. the trouble it revealed about the way the school notifies students in an emergency. protesters arrested in baltimore. why they held a sit in that lasted for hours. we are looking at a commuter traffic is going to be getting busier in many areas. it looks like westbound 92 is not doing well it could be a problem on the bridge. we also saw like a fender bender or something there so we will get to the bottom of this, coming up. some scattered showers out there. we have had some even to the north. a very warm air mass over us, we will see if there is any cooler weather on the way.
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at least four people were arrested early this morning during a sit 10 of baltimore city hall. the demonstration came during a committee meeting to make the interim appointment up police commissioner kevin davis permanence. davis took over after commissioner anthony batts was fired in the wake of writing a for the death of freddie gray in police custody. protesters say the public deserves more input. committee voted to approve davis but a full council vote is expected next week. the fire service is getting a firsthand look at all of the damage done by the beautifier. it scorched more than 70,000 acres last month. nearly 500 homes were destroyed. local and
6:45 am
federal officials are worried about the likelihood of devastating landslides this winter. cal fire has identified 26 areas that could be hit by mudslides where the vegetation has burned away. and insurance analyst is now estimating damage from the butte and valley fires at a staggering $2 billion. that report is by a on benfield that says the valley fire in lake county cause one $.5 billion in damage including $925 million in damage to homes , businesses in vehicles that may be covered by insurance. the beautifier damages estimated at $450 million with about $225 million covered by insurance. this report says those numbers will probably go up as claims are filed. is time to check in for a look at what is coming up next our. >> they could make you very,
6:46 am
very sick. news this morning, a new federal report says thousands of people go to the emergency room every year after taking dietary supplements. the two types shown to be the riskiest. interviewing at facebook. you might. >> questions about how to further connect the world or use social media to save lives but this morning we will give you a few questions facebook might actually ask is job applicants and they are not at all what i expected. things like questions about big macs and mailboxes. i didn't know a single answer. kansas the world and the toronto blue jays will face each other for the right to go to the world series. the blue jays beat the texas rangers in game five, all decided in a wild seventh inning. texas took the lead on now play. the blue jays catcher try to throw the ball back to the pitcher but it bounced off the
6:47 am
badgers hand. the runner on third came into score. the umpires talked about it and they said he can come in. the fans started throwing beer cans and other things on the field after things calmed down the blue jays tied the game but then they took the lead with this monster three run homer by josi batista. the blue jays 16-3. they will face the defending american league championships -- champions, the kansas city royals. the royals beat the astros 7-2 in game five of their division series. the astros had an early lead but the oils -- the royals got the win. that is tomorrow night that you will see it right here with us, coverage begins at 4:30. i am looking, i'm going to
6:48 am
transition to something i just found out about, an accident we have been following for most of the morning but now they have issued an alert, i just found out the issued an alert for basco road at camino diablo. this traffic is so bad even after they had cleared it because it is a 2 lane road. that's now they have issued an alert for this area. please, give yourself extra time . if you take basco road this morning you might seriously consider using highway 4 were some other way to get around because of that terrible traffic jam. let's move along and take a look at some of the other things we are talking about, highway 24 westbound is moderate as you head out to the tunnel. there have been no major problems there. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a normal
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delay of about 10 to 15 minutes . if you're driving on 680 out of dublin, southbound 680 will be slow all the way down to the day. let's go to cb in the weather center. get your phones and cameras ready. it looks like we will have another opportunity for a beautiful sunrise. coming up from the south southeast, tropical in nature. i was dreaming last night i heard raindrops. there were some nice soft rains. mostly cloudy with scattered showers, a warm hermas so tropical in nature. fog near the coast. a little cooler there friday into sunday and especially saturday. michael says there was some real rain that lasted about 10 minutes in his area. there have been some good downpours towards monterey and points south. also north avenue and glenn
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maybe a few light showers near windsor. cloverdale had some pretty good rain for a while. that looks like that is over now. a few sprinkles around sonoma county for a while but that has moved off as well. around los altos hills i doubt there is much happening but there could be a few sprinkles. the better band is in santa clara valley and points south to the monterey peninsula. that is the best bet. maybe up to gilroy were morgan hill. the system is moving and we can see that band wrapping back around from gilroy to santa cruz . it looks to be the best opportunity in that area. 60s and 70s held up by the cloud cover. mostly cloudy with west southeast 12. we are starting to see a little breeze. the low will focus most of its energy into the central sierra in southern sierra. that is the best opportunity for we are just a little too far north.
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system coming out of the gulf of alaska will sweep through tonight and into tomorrow and we can as a comes over us it will ring in a cooler hermas the weekend. mostly cloudy a partly sunny for some. warm and muggy. i think you'll notice it if you are outside. 70s and 80s. not only an opportunity for a good sunrise and probably another good sunset. cooler for the weekend. >> the sunsets have been amazing. >> a lot of really great pictures on instagram. i have posted a couple. >> you can't miss it. a plea for help. in about 20 minutes, new evidence the police hope will lead them to whoever stabbed one of the france train heroes in sacramento. counterfeit cash being passed in the north bay. the car accident that led to chp to dozens of fake bills and concerns that there may be more.
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welcome back. four men behind bars in summit county after a botched drug deal and resulted in the discovery of thousands of dollars of fake cash. the highway patrol says that officers responded to a fender bender near drayton casino early tuesday morning. officers found 2 pounds of marijuana and 4500 officers
6:55 am
found 2 pounds of marijuana and $4500 in the car. it turns out the crash happened after the drug dealer realized the cash was big. the men were arrested the police tell us counterfeiting is not going problem in the north they. several businesses in windsor and wineries in the dry creek area have been hit with fake bills. one gas station clerk says she now checks every bill before accepting it. >> every day i have seen these with five and $10 bills. >> the secret service is notified every time counterfeit money is found and agents are trying to determine where the fake money is coming from. a member of the r&b group tony, tony, tony in the late 80s by now he is running a nonprofit organization called youth aid in east oakland. talking about the wayne wiggins. he came up with an idea to teach kids in his hometown of oakland how to make music for the next generation. he is gifted. over the summer students took part in a camp
6:56 am
where they made this psa about the drought in california. >> [ music ] >> inside the camp is a green room, two rehearsal spaces, a recording studio and a collection of tony, tony, tony memorabilia that paul chambers tried out. the kids have access to all the things inside that soundstage and it is absolutely free. >> it will be a sin for any of us in my group, growing up in west oakland and not pass this information down. >> to wayne is a great guy. he really is. the goal is to make sure to keep kids on a positive road and off the streets and let their voices be heard and their talent be appreciated. you will find more information about youth aid on our website. look for the story on our
6:57 am
homepage. >> the city of san francisco kicked off the upcoming nba season with a ceremony honoring the defending champion golden state warriors. the mayor presented them a key to the city yesterday. the warriors season opener is tuesday, october 27 against the new orleans pelicans at oracle arena. they do have a preseason game tonight against the houston rockets. we continue to follow the latest on the sinkhole in a union city that got bigger overnight. look at these pictures of the repairs underway right now at any traffic problems in that area. drop, cover and hold on. you are looking at alex as he got to experience a drill. what
6:58 am
is going on this morning that will have millions of people practicing the next big earthquake.
6:59 am
7:00 am
we're live in union city where a sinkhole is in the middle of a busy street. we'll tell you how this will affect the traffic and we'll have the latest on repairs. >> plus, we're getting ready for the big one this morning, the great california shake out happens later on today. we're inside an earthquake simulator. this is just a small quake, but we'll experience a much larger earthquake coming up. . announcer: this is ktvu mornings on two. >> it was like maybe, a high two or high three. we'll see more of alex coming up. good morning and welcome


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